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The Obsession Method

Being a red-blooded male, I’m sure you find nothing more alluring than a seductive woman’s hot looks. But wait a moment. Do not believe that women also are just in for good looks! I know many men who may look drop-dead handsome but are still unable to seduce women.

Many of you may be looking at various sites or groups to get suggestions on how to attract women. Often you tend to say unwanted things in your excitement to continue the friendship with a girl. But many of the shortcuts and methods are not of much use and are expensive too. There are many apps in the market like Bumble, Tinder, etc, but the woes continue. What can you do about it?

Affiliate Bots 2.0Recently I came across a product ‘The Obsession Method’ by Kate Spring. Unlike the other products available in the market, the suggestions given in the book seemed practical and workable!

What is Obsession Method and how it works

You needn’t worry if a girl has confessed to being in a relationship already or that she does not like you, The Obsession Method has many suggestions that, if followed meticulously, will get you success. The psychological application of this product will totally transform her and make her long for you. This relationship program comes to you in the form of videos and e-books.

The product consists of various sections –

  • Subliminal Messaging and Planting Desire: You will learn to put sexual thoughts in her head and she will not even realize you are doing so.
  • Turn it on: Kate Spring teaches techniques to make a girl long for you and your relationship.
  • Unstoppable Pickup: If you are really scared to approach a girl, this section helps you how to act, what to talk about, and also what not to do. You will know how to pick up a girl in no time!
  • Precision Tactics: You will learn the right tactics to approach a girl. The steps will lead you correctly so that you do not make any mistakes when taking a girl out. You will understand the chemistry between the opposite sexes without getting desperate.
  • Story Mode: It teaches you to make a woman feel attracted to you without even her realizing it.
  • Body messages: The author teaches you a variety of body language techniques that will transmit as signs of attraction to the woman you are targeting.
  • Desire Protocol: It is essential to build deep levels of attraction in the woman from the very first moment. It is no use offering superficial compliments when you want to have a long-lasting relationship.
  • The Video Archive: 28 videos teach you to communicate properly, maintain body language, how make your life exciting, and how to communicate for a supportive relationship.

The program is unlike other products available online as it is comprehensive and easy to understand. The author helps you figure out what goes on in a woman’s mind and how to make the most of the situation. It has been established long ago that women go by emotions, and what I liked about this product is that it teaches you how to turn the situation to your advantage very positively with a lot of love and swag.

The psychological methods applied in this program are quite unique and have been approved by science. The program comes to you with a few bonuses too:

  • The How to Make Her Approach You – eBook: You will learn how you can make yourself approachable rather than make the attempt yourself first.
  • The Sex Texts (Get Her into Bed) eBook – The texting tips in the book make you smart in sending messages even with single-sentence texts.
  • The Sexual Wordsmith: How to Have Sexual Conversations with Women – this eBook makes you realize that women too have shyness issues when the topic is related to sex.

By following these books and instructions, you will surely rid yourself of the fear of rejection and start having healthy conversations with women for a longer relationship. The book is not for men alone, even women can follow the instructions.


  • It shows you the basic faults you may have been making in approaching a woman.
  • Your self-confidence improves manifold.
  • It is an easy-to-follow program.
  • The program comes to you with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • There are a few bonus books that increase your chances of attracting women.
  • Success is assured when you follow the instructions meticulously.


  • Some chapters are too long and could have been more precise

Final Verdict

The book has many suitable pieces of pieces of advice and instructions, videos that are easy to understand, and tons of psychological advice. Yet, it may not work out for everyone, and the instructions may be misused. The user reviews have more positive comments than negative ones. I find that the solutions given here may work for many but may prove to be a failure for some for others.

Many may argue that the techniques for attracting a woman into your fold are unethical. Well, opinions differ! With the money-back guarantee that the author offers, you should not be worried about the investment even if it is small. After going through the reviews and practices, and videos, and instructions, I would to give the program a 4 star! There is nothing wrong with trying, so why not see if this program works out for you in getting women to find you irresistible!

The Obsession Method

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